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Well I got my dose of Stephanie and I’ve come back for more. I’m telling you this girl is like a drug. This time Sara joined in on the festivities; she was actually suppose to be with us at the wine festival but she had dog problems, and that’s not code for boy or husband problems. Although, she is married, but not to a dog, to a human man, and he’s very nice from what I gather.

See, there’s the good looking couple.

Tonight we all gathered at Stephanie and Caleb’s house. We decided on a nice chill night where the girls would make dinner and boys would BBQ out back. For me these kind of nights are the best. Maybe I’m getting older but I would just rather sit down and enjoy the company around me than be at a noisy bar.

Did you know Stephanie and Sara have been best friends since the 4th grade. That’s pretty fucking amazing. Suddenly I feel like the odd man out.

We made the boys pose by the fire place.

Our photos look so candid no one would ever  suspect we’re posing.

And then after dinner and photos shoots we had game night.

We made Jeremy do his turn over.

Ray’s turn.

My turn.

Caleb’s turn.

Stephanie’s turn.

Not sure why but I didn’t get a recording of Sara. Well, we played boys against the girls and girls lost. Unfortunately we made a bet and since the girls lost now we have to wear a hairnet in public somewhere. This blows. Well even though I lost I had a great night. I can’t wait till our next date night.


The first time I met Stephanie was at Ray’s High School Reunion. Stephanie is one of those people that just draws you. She’s funny, vibrant, and so energetic, you know kinda like myself. I knew we were destined to be great friends. Well that was over a year ago and now that I live in Dallas I thought it was a fine time to rekindle our friendship. When she suggested the wine festival I knew she was a keeper.


I don’t know where she got this mask but I do know right about now we’ve had a lot of wine. Man, I gotta go to these wine festivals more often. I mean everywhere we turned there was someone ready to poor me a new glass of wine. The place was packed like a concentration camp and still you didn’t have to wait any longer than a few minutes for a fresh glass. Hundreds of different wines everywhere and food samples as well. It was like a dream.


Well, I’m so glad I got back in touch with Stephanie and Caleb’s not so bad too. Ray seems to like him. I’m certain this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Yay!