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So I’m talking to Jackie on the phone and she suggest that I head east to Florida for a pre-wedding/bachelorette event. All my sisters and friends are broke asses and already had their tickets and date locked in for the wedding so a bachelorette party didn’t even cross my mind, that is until I talked to Jackie. Florida, for a week and a half, four days before the wedding? I got to be nuts. Why, yes I am. It didn’t take much to convince me or Ray for that matter. Ray booked the ticket and next thing I know I’m in Florida with my best bud, Jack Mother Fucking Dogg, with a double G. I was hoping Bea would be able to make it but she was in New York sealing the deal on her new home. Anyhow, if you know Jackie, then you’ll know she’s all any party needs.

The first weekend I got there I met Jack’s friend Autumn. She’s a super cool chick and I have to admit I’m a bit jealous of her for getting to live so close to Jackie , but I guess Jackie’s got to spend her time with someone else besides Dirk so I’m glad she’s in good hands.

Of course Jackie made her jungle juice.  Watch out, it’s a lot stronger than it taste.

And before you know it you’ll be giving hula classes in the ocean . . .

And doing a music video on the boat.

This is Jackie’s dog.  I forgot his name but he adopted me as his master, which is fine with me because I like having the role as a master.  He followed me around everywhere I went, slept with me in the bed and growled like a little demon straight from hell.

During the rest of the week we did a lot of shopping and wedding planning stuff.  I found my vail at David’s Bridal.  It was a lot more than what I wanted to pay for but it just felt like the one and considering that Bea bought my wedding dress for me, I figured I could splurge on this.

We went to Jackie’s favorite sushi bar and had a shit ton of sushi.  Even the guys next to us were like, “I can’t believe you girls ate all that sushi.”  And Jackie was like, “uh, she’s getting married next week.”

Blow jobs are amazing.

I will not to be a bride-zilla.

“Uhh, can you call me back?  My hands are full at the moment.”

Dress #1 . . .

Dress #2 . . .

Or dress #3?  Turns out it was dress #3, had to be the most expensive one, complements of Dirk.  Thanks Dirk.

I even got my ears pierced.  Sorry Ray and Bea.  I know you guys would never encourage me to get my ears pierced at Claire’s but I just don’t give a shit.  You could stick my ear with a safety pin for all I care.  Oh, and no Autumn is not cold.

The following weekend we took our happy asses out on the boat once again.  Doesn’t Jackie look pretty?

Jackie decided to be a paparazzi today and took a shit ton of modeling photos of me.

Oh and Dirk brought his new Wachiova friends.  Wachiova for life!

Jackie made more jungle juice.

And Jackie took more modeling photos.  I could get use to this.

Jackie your my best bud and I love you.