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As sad as it is, what you see is the extent of my SXSW Interactive experience. A lot different from last year, not that I did much last year, but whatever I did it was definitely more than this. What, sorry I’m not a geek. If I would have known being a geek would have been this cool when I was in high school I would have focused more on school shit and less on whatever the hell it was that I was focusing on at the time, boys, fucking, drugs, who knows.

Well, our good buddy Steve is staying with us and he and Ray were planning to go to the after parties together instead of purchasing a $400 ticket but Steve broke down and bought a ticket when he heard Anthony and Natalie from New York were flying in.

So Ray was left alone to fend for himself, at least for the first night because Steve got bad news the next day and had to head back to Dallas which meant that Ray landed himself Steven’s pass. That’s two years in a row that Ray’s landed a free pass.

This here is our good buddy Beau. He lives in San Francisco. And below is my dinner, grilled cheese sandwich with a shot of tomato soup. Yes, a shot of tomato soup, that’s a first for me. It was good and I would have rather had a cup or perhaps a bowl of it. Maybe they ran out of tomatoes? But who cares because the grilled cheese sandwich was money. The bread was toasted to perfection and had a slight sweetness to it that left your taste buds begging for more. Money I tell ya, money.

Ray got chicken sliders. He enjoyed his meal as well. I guess that means we have to come back to Max’s.

That’s Anthony down there in the hat. Last time I saw him we randomly ran into him while we were in New York. It was nice to finally meet his wife Natalie.

Well after Max’s we went to the Iron Cactus and I’m sure a few other bars. All I know is that it was a wild and crowded night in downtown Austin.