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Tonight I’m headed to Vino 100 in Round Rock to catch Sound of AM. My good friend Andrea is the singer and anytime I can come out to support I do. I promise, the wine had nothing to do with it.

Our good buddy Kris met us out.

And after we drank all of our wine and ate all the good cheese we made our way to Schlotzky’s for some delicious sandwiches. I’m not big on sandwiches but Schlotzky’s sandwiches are the bomb and get this, now they have cupcakes. More reason to love them. There’s a serious cupcake revolution going on and I’m all about it.

Long live cupcakes!


October 2, 2009 Andrea R., Doan Chung Hernandez Comments

I’m going to see my bud Andrea sing at Gumbos tonight. I haven’t seen her in a while and I’m starting to miss her. Andrea, we need to start jogging again!

And we should start tomorrow because I need to burn off these calories!

It’s another Friendsday Wednesday! This time we decided to meet up at North by North West because our friend Andrea was singing there. None of us had seen her band yet so we were all pretty excited to see what she’s got and to show our support

Man does she have a voice.

I swear the table wasn’t divided by ladies and dudes, at least not the whole time.

My honey and I.

It was a great night. Andrea and herĀ  band rocked. Service sucked balls but not a big deal when your in the company of good friends. Thanks everyone for coming out.