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Well, not right after but eventually. We had to mingle first and get everyone liquored up enough.

Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez. I’m a Hernandez now, I have a hard core Mexican name. If my grandmother knew about this she would roll over in her grave, both of them; I’m sure.

Don’t let our innocent faces fool you. We have been known to be completely insane and reckless. Hahahah. I love these girls and I couldn’t tell you how rad it was to have all four of them here. It’s been a while ladies since we’ve all been in the same room at the same time, ages actually. And now were all here together at my wedding!!! Jen, Heather, Me, Monica, and Becky.

Taking some time out with my little niece.

Me and my big sis, Lana, aka Lulu.

The happy married couples. Tell me guys, is it true that after marriage you guys get no more blow jobs? Because I’m really looking forward to that.

That Toph is a weird one. I’m sure he was dropped on the head one too many times as a child.

Everyone should have a friend like Jack. But with that being said, it’s just not possible, she’s one of those souls that just can’t be duplicated. Which is why she’s my angle and I love her like a fat kid loves cake, but a lot more.

Smile Jen. No salvation for you tonight. Tonight we party.

Oh no, what is Kuya Ben doing.

Sure is a lot of big Mexicans in this photo. I’m feeling out numbered and a little borderline midget.

Broom and his lovely girlfriend Penny Kim.

My sister just recently got married to Kevin and I couldn’t tell you how happy I am to have him as a brother inlaw. They’re perfect for each other. Just look at his serious face.

Jackie I don’t know what Dirk’s been putting in your head but he’s got it all wrong. Golden Dragon for life! Fuck Wachoiva.

Kevin and my mom. Whatcha writing there mom, it better be good; it’s going in my scrap-book.

Oh Marci, if only we had stayed in San Francisco we would totally be BFF’s by now, having sleep overs, contemplating on ways to torture the boys, baking, cooking, having long, deep talks about money . . .

Val and Guav, Um, Lo Ciento, no habla Espanol. Perdon.

BFF’s. If you guys were here so I would hug you so hard it would turn your butt-hole inside out.

The Semmlers, Issac, Tiffany and Chris. These are our game night friends and apparently our only friends here in Austin so be extra nice to them people; we’d like to keep em around, at least long enough to find their replacements.

Kayla and Kimmy’s daughter, sorry, I forgot her name. Peace be with you too.

Beau and Jackie, here’s the keys to the back of my truck. I kid, I kid. But seriously, the car’s parked over there.

I love my sister’s, no matter how dysfunctional you guys turned out. I don’t know why I turned out normal any you two have slight down syndrome maybe God loves me more than you.

A few of my favorite people, yes that includes Kola.

After much mingling we had our first dance as husband and wife. The reason why we’re laughing here is because Jackie rushed up from her table to go find the camcorder and fell flat on her ass.

Ray had problems taking off my garter. Bite it like a little money baby.

Selena caught the bouquet and Beau caught the garter.

Chris gave a surprisingly nice speech. Awe thanks Chris. Honey, listen to your best friend, save the money and I’m always right.

Bea and Jack also gave a really nice speech/skit.

Lana gave a kung fu panda, I’ll kill your family speech.

Beau and Becky also gave a speech, but for some reason I’m not able to find any photos of that. After all the speeches it was cake time. Yes, that is a ninja and a Mexican wrestler, and yes those are our wedding cakes.

The ninja represents me and the Mexican wrestler is Ray. Oh, and this is our vegan cake. Not the prettiest but I definitely think it tasted the best.

We’re feeding each other with a knife, yeah, that’s real smart.

Just look at our anxious little audience. I feel like a celebrity.

We had originally wanted to smash cake in each others faces but I guess when it came time to do it, it just didn’t happen.

We even manage to get a little dancing in.

Here’s my sweet air guitar move

I don’t know how it all started but somehow we all manage to got almost everyone at the wedding to take not one shot but several shots.  Here we’re passing out shots.

A toast!

And soon after that it seemed as though we were all liquored up enough to go pool jumping.  I’m pretty sure it was me who screamed, “Lets go pool jumping!”  And like sheep they all followed me.

We even convinced Amet and Anthony to jump.

Sexy Ass

And played chicken.  I play for keeps.

And then we all just hung out in the hot tub.

Tell me this wasn’t the best wedding ever.

Ray and I had originally planned on getting marry at night. I mean we wanted to kiss under the moon light because, well it’s romantic and no one does that. But the more I planned the more I realize it wasn’t practical which is why no one does it. Everyone would starve because dinner wouldn’t be till like midnight and the staff and caterers would be working super late. So we pushed the wedding as late as we could, around 8 or so, and just decided to play on the 080808 theme and have me walk down the isle at 8:08. Anyhow, I know it’s almost a month later, but here’s a compilation of the photos that were taken during the ceremony.

Ray and our Reverend Jack

The flower girl was my niece Sianna. Hey, Amet just got here, glad you could make it.

Walking down the isle with my mother, it was so hard not to cry.

I think it was Ray’s dad that started the stream of tears, then Ray, then my sisters, then my mother then Jackie and then me. I didn’t look at the audience but I’m sure everyone was crying by now.

I knew I wasn’t going to be the only one crying so I had some tissue tucked between my titties ready for him

Selena and Kola, Lana’s always ready to take a picture.

My sisters look so tan.

It looks like we planned to get married at sunset.

I look so in love.

Our audience.

I Ray Hernandez of Mesquite Texas . . .

I was wearing some bright ass nail polish

You may now kiss the bride

We are the Champions

And that was our ceremony. Stay tuned for more photos to come.


A couple days ago, Sunday, we had plans to go to Melekahana Beach with our friend Amber.  We drove to Amber’s and from there she drove.  On the way she was like, “have you guys been to the Byodo-In Temple?”  By do what?  Huh?  The crazy thing is this beautiful temple sits atop a hill in a cemetery.  Yes, cemetery.  I’ve been to this cemetery before, don’t worry nobody died.  Thing is this is just a really gorgeous cemetery but I never knew there was a temple there the whole time.  We made a spontaneous stop.  It cost two dollars per person to get in, nothing is free in Hawaii.  Here are some photos of what I missed out on last time.

This is what we walked up to.  It was like walking into a Chinese fairytale.

Amber and Ray

My first thoughts when I saw this place was that it would be a really nice place to get married.  Amber said people have gotten married here before.  Crazy, right?  To get married at a cemetery?  Might even be bad luck.  I don’t think I’ll risk it.

Here are some  photos  last time we were here.  Ray, Shane and I were out exploring the island.

I’m not a fan of being buried but if I were this is where my body would rot.

Last Friday was my friend, Jen’s birthday.  She and Ona have been dating for about a year now and the two of them together are my favorite lesbian couple.  They’re super cute, happy and totally in love.  Anyhow, for Jen’s birthday we were all suppose to head down to Rumors decked out in our 80’s gear but Ona decided to be super girlfriend and throw Jen a surprise dinner party at Jen’s favorite restaurant, Aunti Pastos the night before.  She totally blind folded her, drove around in circles so Jen wouldn’t count the turns and figure out where she was, and walked her down the street to Aunti Pastos still blind folded.

She cut into her ice cream cake before I got a chance to take a photo.

Jen and Ona looked totally gorgeous tonight.

I don’t know half the people here.  Most of them are from Dolphin Quest, where Jen works, I believe.  I’m not in the photo because like always I am the photographer recording and documenting memories, a very respected and major role.  Somebody has to do it.

In Ona’s words, “tragic.”  One word to totally describe the way we looked that night. What made it even more tragic was that 80’s night at rumors was moved to Saturdays.  Ray warned them that there would be a bunch of old geriatrics in cages there.  How my honey knows this I don’t want to know.  Anyhow, they did confirm that there were a bunch of older people there and moved the party to Irish Rose.  I was happy to hear of this news because Irish Rose is my favorite local bar.  It’s like a big dive bar that you could actually illegally smoke in and has free live music everyday of the night.  What I love even more was that I heard the party was moving before we had left the house, so I was able to remove my skin tight leggings and leg warmers but left my shirt on because it’s 80’s but still totally fashionably sensible.

Tragic, totally tragic.

I love this photo because everyone is totally immersed in a conversation.

I love this photo because everyone is totally immersed in a conversation while my honey and I can’t stop staring at each-other.

Yes Jen is locking lips with a boy, but they’re both gay, drunk and Ona’s there so three strikes and your good to go.

Amber and Beth even made it out.  We didn’t find out till a few days later that they were both totally drunk beyond recognition.  I know, totally look sober to me, very interesting.

Happy Birthday Jen!

In our left corner we have Amber Watt from Colorado and in our right corner we have Ray Hernandez from Mexico.

Drum roll please . . .

Amber wins!!!!!  Ray looses once again. Go back to Mexico and practice some more.

I went home on this  night drunker than I have  been in a very long time.  I met Al, he’s a flamer and an Aries.  I don’t know if you know or not but Aries and Aquarius are super compatible so before I left he got me this monstrous shot of patron.  Big mistake.  I never really get hang overs but the next day I felt like shit and missed my driving test.  No license for me, I’m stuck with a permit for now.

He are some more photos from the time before at Deep End.

Ray’s first break in a long long time.  It scared the fucking shit out of me.