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Agave 969 Homes

Agave 969 Homes

Now that were back in California there’s much to do. One of the things I’m starting to hate most about traveling is the getting situated when we get back part. It’s always a one to two day ordeal for me. Also, there’s a few major errands that I can circumvent no longer, like getting our escrow money back. I admit I might have been avoiding the matter because it’s just too sad. Ray and I really had our hearts set on this place, but if I wait any longer there may be a chance that we could lose the money we put down for escrow and that would be so un-Chinese of me.

Agave 969 Homes

Agave 969 Homes

Before heading to the office Ray and I drove down to see the house. The cabinetry, tile and counter top we chose has been put in and looks smashing. Kinda sucks because we have to pay for the upgrades we had put in, $500 down the drain, but I’m sure it’s for the best.

Let me just clue you guys in. If you keep up with my post then you know that I recently came down with a horrible case of double pneumonia and was hospitalized for 5 days. Those torturous 5 days cost us about 30 thousand dollars. We didn’t get any of the hospital bills of course until after our money had gone into escrow already. My parents took a trip to see me and when I got better we took them to see the house. They absolutely loved it but my mom basically freaked out and said the house had horrible feng shui, as I knew she would. She pleaded with the real estate agent if they have a different home for us, as though we were buying a car. But I must admit it kinda spooked me because even though I hate to admit it my mom is usually, not always, right. Just as she was when she predicted the bad feng shui in the house I was living in. “In one year something bad will happen to you,” she warned and in one year I got a divorce. With the new year upon us it brought many potential new clients, leads, and work for Ray, almost all of which were coming straight out of Dallas. Ray’s been thinking about partnering up with our good friend Ben, who lives and wants them to get an office in Dallas. This made us think that maybe Austin isn’t the place for us, maybe it’s Dallas? We’re still unsure but as you can see it wasn’t the right time to buy a home for us. It just didn’t feel 100% right so we pulled out and that’s why I want my escrow money back. The end.

Now that 2009 is here I want to take some time to reflect on 2008. I always knew 2008 was going to be a good year. I remember looking forward to it because it was 08 and 8 is just a good fucking number. It was only a year ago Ray and I were living the good o life in the rainbow state, Honolulu Hawaii.

It was almost a year ago that I started my first post on this blog, January 9th 2008. Since then I’ve written 121 post. I don’t really know who’s all reading it, but it sure has made my hand written journaling take back seat.

I cut my hair super short for the first time ever. It was kinda cute wasn’t it?

Ray got a new iPhone.

Ray and I ran in The Annual Great Aloha Run, just a little over 8 miles, and we all know eight is a good number to start with.

We voted for our first time for the Democratic Party. But just for the record, once Hillary was out of the election Ray and I voted again for our first time for President for Obama of course.

Ray bought me my first brand new computer. Mac 4 life baby!

MyBabyOurBaby Launched.

We finally found the dock where Lost, our favorite television series, was filmed at. We searched the island for it forever.

We went camping at Melekahana, our first time camping in Hawaii and Ray’s first time ever. He’s not a fan.

Rocked out at the Kokua Festival, a festival Jack Johnson puts on every year in Hawaii., my blog had become a major hit and one of Hawaii’s most popular food blog websites.

I called some lady a cunt on my last day of work, because she was.

We got to swim with dolphins.

We moved back to the main land, California first.

Ray got to meet some of my extended family.

Tried wake boarding for the first time.

Got to ride dirk bikes again.

Moved to Austin

Where we met the Semmlers, Shane’s older brother and his family and now mine.

Kidnapped Kuya Ben’s dogs.

Found the Agave Homes and fell in love.

Ray introduced me to Marcos. He works for NASA.

Went to our first roller derby.

Spent Bachelorette week in Florida with my best bud Jack Mother Fucking Dogg with a double G.

Got married, 080808.

Got my first tattoo with my old crew from V-Town.

Traveled to New York, but just for a couple of months.

I stopped eating meat.

Met Guav Mom and the Roses and I have to tell you I’m a fan. Hope we get to see them again soon.

I got to freelanced at Jimmy Z’s, thanks to Bea.

We got to be extras in Friday Night Lights.

I almost died from pneumonia.

I met the Semmler’s, the rest of Shane’s family, and now mine as well and went to my first professional basketball game. Go Mavericks!

As you can see I love recording my life and 2008 was a year worth recording. There was a lot of cherry popping going on and I got to meet a lot of people that will be in my life for the long haul. We also moved around a lot, Hawaii, California, Austin, New York, Dallas. Things are just never boring with us. I’m looking forward to a healthy, happy and prosperous year for 2009. I know great things are to come.

Dad came to visit us. We take him to go check out the Agave 969 Homes. Ray and I are obsess with them and whenever someone comes to visit we take them here.

Ray made me go back to the Agave Homes. His dick is rock hard for them and I’m starting to get jealous. We actually went into the office and talked to the lady this time. She gave us a list of like 20 homes and let us loose. We spent the next few hours walking in and out of each one; I should of brought a bigger purse so I could fill it up with the towels and various hand soaps they had on display (just kidding, but not really). Of course the ones we liked the most had to be the most expensive ones. Ray and I have a habit of having expensive taste. This one is the only one I took a photo of and it’s the only one that matters because if we do end up buying one of these Agave Homes it will be one that has a set up like the one you see here. I love that the garage is in front of the house and separate. I also love that there’s a studio above the garage. I would totally rent that space out to help with mortgage. We didn’t get a chance to check out the inside but I’m sure it’s nice. If you have $349,000.00 to spear and want to let us borrow it interest free, we’ll be your bestests friends, or you could just buy it yourself and rent us out the studio above the garage.

Marcos came to visit us not too long ago. All I knew of him was that he works for NASA, which to me means he’s a pretty smart guy, so I was pretty excited to meet him and pick his brain. I love visitors because it gives us an excuse to go out and venture Austin, since we haven’t done much of it since we moved here.

The first night we went down 6th Street. If you haven’t heard of 6th Street in Austin yet then all I have to say is that it gets pretty fucking crazy at night, so crazy that they close off the streets.

Marcos is a huge sports fan and Ray loves baseball so the next day we went to a Round Rock Express game.

We had lawn seating but none of us wanted to sit on the grass so we took our chances stealing empty seats. Turns out, the crazy looking guys seated next to me, we were sitting in their seats but they were nice enough to not kick us off and then they ended up getting pushed out of their seats. He sure does look bitter doesn’t he?. I kinda felt like a jerk. By the way, that’s a funnel cake I have in my hand. I never thought I’d say it but I think I’m starting to out grow these things.

Ray and Marcos.

The next day we went out in search of food and ended up at a cute little su shi restaurant down town.

And then Ray had this brilliant idea to take Marcos to go see these modern houses that his dicks been rock hard for.

Actually, Marcos was pretty interested and I was apprehensive that Ray would make me buy a house on the spur of the moment like his idols, Bea and Guav did.

This is Ray’s favorite one. The lawn looks a little dry, but I like it too.

We sneaked into a bunch of unlocked houses. Hello, is anyone home

I have to admit, they do look pretty tempting. Marcos had to leave back to Dallas later that evening. So we slowly but surely made it back home. Thanks for visiting Marcos and your welcome here anytime.