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Rafting Trip

Rafting Trip

Ray was going over some old photos the other day and came across this photo. Awhile back I took my dad and little sister, Selena, on a camping/rafting trip with me and my friends. It was an all day rafting trip and at night we camped and partied. My dad doesn’t speak much English so I didn’t do much partying on that trip, but nonetheless it was still good times.

My mother’s birthday past, December 29 and although I called and wished her happy birthday on her birthday I wanted to document it because she’s the bravest, strongest, most beautiful women I know. Not all my good qualities are from her, some of that is all me, but a lot of the good ones are. I am fearless, witty, funny, and cheap all because of you mom. I would be nothing without you, obviously. I love you so so so freaking much and I thought about you all day on December 29th, especially every time I ate. I wish I could of been with you. Your the best mom ever. Happy Birthday!

I love you.

Today Ray and I are going camping at Melekahana. I’m super excited because it’s been awhile since I’ve been camping. We’re going for one night with a few of our friends, Ona, Jen, Holly and Mark. Shane didn’t want to go for some reason. And we’re actually camping, with tents n shit, not cabins. I love it. Ray’s never been big on camping so I think camping for one night with a few close friends is a nice way to ease him into it. He likes being clean and civilized and I don’t. I love everything about camping, hiking, sleeping outside, camp food, being super drunk with a bunch of friends and having no worries, smores, camp fire, roasted marshmellows, pissing and shitting outside, no showers, being super dirty, having my dog with me, getting wasted, it’s all good. If I had my way, I would love to spend a good five days out there in the wild, just as long as I have a full bottle of bug spray. After day 5 I start to smell believe it or not. Anyhow all this talk about camping made me think about my last real camping trip.

Becky, Mike, Me and Kola

Sammy, Christina, Me, Becky

Me and my son

Me, Kola, Heather, and Christina

So after the first night we got kicked out of the camp grounds. I don’t remember exactly why, but it sounds about right. We packed up our shit and moved the party to the next camp ground. It ended up being an even better location. Score.

What a view.

Christina getting the party started.  She was always very good at that.

I miss Heather

Kola and I took off and had some mother and son quality time.

Heather and Becky.

Kola, Heather, Becky, and Me.

Snow angels.

The thing I loved most about this camping trip was that we got to see the snow, the hot sun and cool nights. Crazy is a serious  understatement if I had to describe this trip to anyone.  At the time, I thought I would of stayed close to most of these guys till I grew old but the Universe has a different plan.  Currently, Becky and I are still super close and I still talk to Heather every now and then.  If we had a bottle of wine and all night Becky and I could go on and on laughing all night about this trip.