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Green Belt

Been trying to see more of my friend Brandy lately. There’s really no reason for us to not hang out more. I love her to pieces and we don’t even live that far away. Today we went to Green Belt, pretty cool because you know what, it’s on my Austin Bucket List. I’m sure Ray and I have hiked small parts of green belt in the past but it’s 8 miles long and there’s so many cool parts that we haven’t seen. Today I’m definitely at one of the cooler parts that’s cool enough for Green Belt to be check off my Austin Bucket List.

Brandi and Jacob

This is her son Jacob. He looks like a little turtle poking his head out of the water.


This is probably as close as I’m going to get to having a beach.

Green Belt

Green Belt

There’s even a rope swing here.

Green Belt

I’m kinda lame but I didn’t want to do it, but here’s a video of Brandi going balls to the walls.

You see it’s just that yeah, this place is great but Brandi made the mistake of taking me “treasure hunting” before we came and basically it’s all I thought about the whole time. So it wasn’t long until we left Green Belt to do more “treasure hunting.” Jacob wanted to go home, but I bribed him with ice-cream to come with us. Check out my new treasure I found today, this antique chair. Can you believe someone just threw this away.



I swear, this treasure hunting thing is my favorite new hobby.

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