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Now that Jackie’s gone we could start having some real fun. See, Bea’s having lots of fun here.

We scurried back to the city because this was suppose to be Ben’s last day so we wanted to make the most of it.

I think Bea’s talking to Guav. He’s been working late.

Um, Kuya Ben, I’m kinda busy.

Hey he’s Philippino

Close up

New York is pretty.

Checking out Rockefeller Park.

Close up.

Subway Gangstas.

Grabbing dinner at cute restaurant called Republic.

I won’t hesitate to bust a cap in yo ass.

Bea’s bad ass. This is actually Ray’s new wallet that Bea design, but Bea’s still bad ass.

Checking things out.

Catching a flick in Time Square where Guav will be meeting us.

Tasty treats and I didn’t even have to sneak em in.

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