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On September 15th Ray and I packed our bags, loaded up the car and headed straight to New York. It took us a little over one full day to get there from Texas. I swear Ray and I are road trip professionals, we don’t fuck around. Of course we brought Kola with us too. He basically slept the whole way there.

We’re staying with our good friends Bea and Guav and they actually live in New Jersey, one stop away from Manhattan, New York. But they both work in New York and so far I feel as though we’re in New York just as much as we are in New Jersey. Here’s the view from Bea’s work.

Pretty sweet right. If I worked here I just might have to take up smoking just so I have an excuse to see more of this. I feel like Ray and I do a lot of walking here. We’ve been walking everywhere. Which is a good thing, gives us time to soak everything in and if we’re tired we just stop and rest.

Oh, also Ray and I decided to started eating meat again, but only for this trip. Since we both love to eat and eating is part of the whole New York experience we felt it was only right. Ray’s pretty happy about it. I’m not sure if he wants to convert back. I just finished reading the book, Skinny Bitch, and I am so totally over meat. Really over it. As a matter of fact, I’m not really feeling cheese or any thing else that has to do with dairy. Yes that even means ice-cream. We had some soy mint ice-cream at this amazing vegetarian restaurant the other day and I could totally convert to soy ice-cream. No problem what so ever. It was del-rish-ous.

Our commute route pretty much goes like this, we take the Light Rail to Hoboken and from Hoboken we take the Transit to New York and if we want to get around in New York we either take the subway or walk.

At Time Square.

Outside of MTV.

Wall Street.

This was our first street food affair. Street food was the main reason I had agreed on eating meat. We got hot dogs and some kind of kabob. It was not everything I had hoped for and over priced because we were in Time Square.

Another thing I wanted to do was to go to the bridge in Central Park that’s alway in the movies.

Isn’t it pretty?

So far Central Park is definitely my favorite. I love parks that are actually utilized to their full potential.

We had to sit for a few and just enjoy the beautiful day.

Ray likes to take pictures with his iPhone.

We’ve also been dividing our time up in Hoboken too. Hoboken is a lot like Jersey, but cleaner and more expensive.

One things for sure is that there’s definitely not a shortage of pizza parlors in the east coast.

This hardcore granny stood her ground and wouldn’t let anyone take her spot. All I gotta say is I want grandma on my team.

The view back in Jersey.

Oh, what a hard life Ray and I have.

A real hard life.

This is the oldest cemetery in New York. It so old that you can’t even read the tombstones.

Along with all the site seeing we’ve been enduring we’ve also had the pleasure of helping our friends move. Bea and Gauv just bought a place in Jersey Heights. They are officially homeowners, Yay!. It’s real nice and now they get to come home to a sea of boxes, literally, a sea of boxes.

Luckily, our we have our own room upstairs. It’s real nice.

When I get board I like to write in my journal or draw pictures of Ray. He’s not the only artist in this relationship.

The view through a fence from Jersey Heights.

I’ve been eating delicious vegetarian food since I’ve been here.

We took Bea to IKEA in search of a new closet.

She went crazy.

There was just enough room for her little body to fit inside the car with her new orchid.

When we got home we wasted no time and started on her new closet right away.

It got a little dusty and they had to resort to glasses.

Of course Bea did the honors of devirginizing the walls of her closet.

Wow, that’s pink.

Ray is a tired, dirty, Mexican. Yes, honey, this is how real Mexicans feel everyday because real Mexican’s work. Oh, what’s that, your half white, oh, that explains everything.

Ground Zero through a mesh screen.

I love New York!

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