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Marcos came to visit us not too long ago. All I knew of him was that he works for NASA, which to me means he’s a pretty smart guy, so I was pretty excited to meet him and pick his brain. I love visitors because it gives us an excuse to go out and venture Austin, since we haven’t done much of it since we moved here.

The first night we went down 6th Street. If you haven’t heard of 6th Street in Austin yet then all I have to say is that it gets pretty fucking crazy at night, so crazy that they close off the streets.

Marcos is a huge sports fan and Ray loves baseball so the next day we went to a Round Rock Express game.

We had lawn seating but none of us wanted to sit on the grass so we took our chances stealing empty seats. Turns out, the crazy looking guys seated next to me, we were sitting in their seats but they were nice enough to not kick us off and then they ended up getting pushed out of their seats. He sure does look bitter doesn’t he?. I kinda felt like a jerk. By the way, that’s a funnel cake I have in my hand. I never thought I’d say it but I think I’m starting to out grow these things.

Ray and Marcos.

The next day we went out in search of food and ended up at a cute little su shi restaurant down town.

And then Ray had this brilliant idea to take Marcos to go see these modern houses that his dicks been rock hard for.

Actually, Marcos was pretty interested and I was apprehensive that Ray would make me buy a house on the spur of the moment like his idols, Bea and Guav did.

This is Ray’s favorite one. The lawn looks a little dry, but I like it too.

We sneaked into a bunch of unlocked houses. Hello, is anyone home

I have to admit, they do look pretty tempting. Marcos had to leave back to Dallas later that evening. So we slowly but surely made it back home. Thanks for visiting Marcos and your welcome here anytime.

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