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When Ray and I moved to Hawaii Ray suggested that I start up a food blog, since I not only love love to eat, but I’m so gosh darn critical when I eat.  Before Ray I was computer illiterate and after Ray I’m like a computer genius.  That’s a bit of an overstatement, but I am a computer whore.  I’m addicted to being on the computer so it only made sense to broaden my horizons and start up my very first blog.  I wanted to make it more of my own so I called it Cheap Places To Eat In Oahu Hawaii, because of the very obvious, I’m super cheap.  Not only did it allow me to taste food but I also got a taste of my love of photography.  I’m not claiming to be a master photographer or anything.  But hey, you got to start somewhere right?  I got a new camera that I actually don’t plan on returning, Cannon G9.  It’s the perfect camera for a beginner photo enthusiast such as myself.   Every time I go out to eat, which is like everyday, I bring it along and snap away.  I love my food blog.  I try very much to make it my own by putting a lot of my humor and personality in it, which means I’m brutally honest and I talk like sailor.  I’ve gotten tons of comments of how much people are enjoying my blog.  It’s really flattering.  As of today I have almost 500 daily readers, that’s including the people that subscribe to my feed.  The other day I even go a check in the mail, so I can now say that I’m a real food critic, since I actually got paid and all.  It’s been about a year now and I’ve written on over 160 different places, not bad.  I’m not gonna lie, at times it does seem a bit tedious, especially now that I have this personal blog; it’s a lot more interesting writing about myself.  I guess my ego’s starting to grow because there are times I get tired of always having to take photos of my food.  And I only get tired of it because I know I’m capable of taking some amazing photos, and it restricts me from doing so.  Anyhow, I still love my blog, it’s my baby and she grows bigger and bigger everyday.

Here are a few of my favorite photos.

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