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Senior School Stress

February 25, 2016 uncategorized Comments

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Been going through all my old videos for the past few days trying to get caught up on uploading them all on Vimeo. I came across these that I never put up.

Top one is of Kola when we use to live in Oakland CA. Oh memories. I have to say, I don’t miss the warehouse one bit.

Below is a video of Ray doing what he does best, play ball. It’s a shame that he never went pro but all things happen for a reason. I always tell him that he’d be a douche if he’d gone pro and we never would have met. Someone I don’t think that makes him feel any better.

And here’s one of us in Playa Del Carmen. If you’ve seen the photos then you’d know it was the vacation of the year. I think Michelle is trying to take our photo since she’s the only one not in the photo.

And here is another Playa Del Carmen one. The girls are being stupid.

And this one is during the Santa Crawl when I use to hang out with this girl named Lauren, not really sure why, but I’ve moved on to better things.

This one is of Ray wearing his Baby Carlos shirt before a SocialFly Event. It’s in reference to the movie the Hang Over so if you haven’t seen it then you won’t understand why his shirt is so awesome.

This one is probably the most recent of these videos. Ray is slowly becoming a gamer and tonight he dragged my ass to Game Stop to buy the new Call of Duty Black Ops game.

This one is at a BBQ at Chris’s Utz’s house, a ball player from Ray’s baseball team. I guess you can say he’s also a friend.

Well hope you guys enjoyed. There’s actually more but from the days of before this blog was started so really no use in putting them up here.

SocialFly Photobooth Rentals was scheduled to be at the Houston Low Rider Car Show. As you all know I’m no fan of Houston. Now I know there’s a lot of money in Houston. I mean we’ve been rented out to do some bad ass private parties and sweet 16 parties. From what I gather, you either got money in Houston or your ghetto. Houston’s Dub Car Show last year well that was pretty ghetto but it had nothing on This year’s Houston Low Rider Car Show.

Oh Houston, you are a ghetto bitch.

Well I got my dose of Stephanie and I’ve come back for more. I’m telling you this girl is like a drug. This time Sara joined in on the festivities; she was actually suppose to be with us at the wine festival but she had dog problems, and that’s not code for boy or husband problems. Although, she is married, but not to a dog, to a human man, and he’s very nice from what I gather.

See, there’s the good looking couple.

Tonight we all gathered at Stephanie and Caleb’s house. We decided on a nice chill night where the girls would make dinner and boys would BBQ out back. For me these kind of nights are the best. Maybe I’m getting older but I would just rather sit down and enjoy the company around me than be at a noisy bar.

Did you know Stephanie and Sara have been best friends since the 4th grade. That’s pretty fucking amazing. Suddenly I feel like the odd man out.

We made the boys pose by the fire place.

Our photos look so candid no one would everĀ  suspect we’re posing.

And then after dinner and photos shoots we had game night.

We made Jeremy do his turn over.

Ray’s turn.

My turn.

Caleb’s turn.

Stephanie’s turn.

Not sure why but I didn’t get a recording of Sara. Well, we played boys against the girls and girls lost. Unfortunately we made a bet and since the girls lost now we have to wear a hairnet in public somewhere. This blows. Well even though I lost I had a great night. I can’t wait till our next date night.

Happy Birthday!

Amet and Brandon are turning 30 years old. Thirty folks! Now that’s a big deal. Well no better way to ring into the 30’s than with an amazing house party.

Happy Birthday!

The birthday boys and all the ladies.

Happy Birthday!

My two new favorite girls. Hey Chelsy’s young, but I’m a fan and Ame, I pinky promise to not be a cunt if we ever go on vacation together.

Happy Birthday!

Lot’s of good times.

Happy Birthday!

Ray and Anthony are having a moment.

Happy Birthday!

They love each other.

There were a lot of jelly shots consumed tonight.

Happy Birthday!

The ladies getting down with some beer pong.

Happy Birthday!

Not sure what’s going on here but they all look crunk.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday

This guy is pasted out

Happy Birthday

Tony is fucked up. Here, watch this amazing video of him.

And somehow the after party moved to Amets for a bit.

As you can see, it was a good night. Happy Birthday boys. Hope it was everything you hoped for and more.

Thanksgiving 2010

Well it’s that time of year again were you can totally stuff your face like a fat little piggy and you don’t even have to justify yourself. This year we were suppose to go to California but my parents were still on vacation in China so we’re going to Aunt Doras and Todds house instead.

Thanksgiving 2010

Everyone’s wearing the same jacket. They must all shop at the same Wal-Mart.

Thanksgiving 2010

Uncle Ray’s been busy.

Thanksgiving 2010

No one loves the Cowboys more than Todd.

Thanksgiving 2010

Brandi stayed up all night to take part in Black Friday. I gave her money to buy me a new 40″ television. Thanks Brandi.

Thanksgiving 2010

And Monique had to work Black Friday at Target. Poor girl.

Thanksgiving 2010

Pops was getting his Thanksgiving on.

Thanksgiving 2010

This year was definitely the chillest Thanksgiving ever. I guess it’s nice to have that everyone now and then.

Happy Thanksgiving


The first time I met Stephanie was at Ray’s High School Reunion. Stephanie is one of those people that just draws you. She’s funny, vibrant, and so energetic, you know kinda like myself. I knew we were destined to be great friends. Well that was over a year ago and now that I live in Dallas I thought it was a fine time to rekindle our friendship. When she suggested the wine festival I knew she was a keeper.


I don’t know where she got this mask but I do know right about now we’ve had a lot of wine. Man, I gotta go to these wine festivals more often. I mean everywhere we turned there was someone ready to poor me a new glass of wine. The place was packed like a concentration camp and still you didn’t have to wait any longer than a few minutes for a fresh glass. Hundreds of different wines everywhere and food samples as well. It was like a dream.


Well, I’m so glad I got back in touch with Stephanie and Caleb’s not so bad too. Ray seems to like him. I’m certain this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Yay!

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